Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We're always too darned responsible with our money. Bills, bills, bills, save, save, save. Last week, I got my first bonus at work, and it was sizable. Much bigger than I expected. I guess all my hard work is really paying off! So we decided to do something fun with a chunk of it, so we broke down and bought a Wii. I am not much of a gamer, but the Wii did sound like a lot of fun. So Andrew did some calling around on Saturday afternoon to see who had them in stock. These little buggers are hard to find, thanks to the marketing geniouses at Nintendo. He finally found one in stock at Best Buy after calling 3 other stores, so we jumped in the car and snatched it up.

This is a fun system, I must say. It came with a sports pack game, so we can play tennis, golf, bowling, baseball and boxing. Andrew and I played for a while after the kids when to bed on Saturday night. I beat him in bowling and baseball, and he beat me in tennis (barely!) and golf. It can actually be a pretty good workout. We were both sore the next day. One day we'll get some more games to play (Guitar Hero, anyone!). But we're having fun with what we've got for now. Maybe with the next bonus... =)


Mr. and Mrs. Polychrones said...

I love the Wii... I am so coming over to your house one weekend. Bowling is the best

OurCarsAndCops said...

seriously....I am so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the bonus Brenda. The Wii sounds like fun! Shari