Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday began as any other day would. Got up, got ready, got the boys up and got breakfast going. As Ben was sitting in his highchair eating his pancake, I noticed some lovely green goo in his right ear. Oh no, not again! So the decision was instantly made that we would be staying home from school and flying off to the doctor that morning. I really wish he would give us some kind of warning that his ear hurts before the darn thing ruptures! So later that morning we went to the doctor. Thankfully the left ear was clear, but of course the right eardrum was ruptured, hense the goo. So she prescribed oral antibiotics and ear drops and wants to see him back in a few weeks to take a look at the eardrum and make sure that it is clear without any scar tissue, which could affect his hearing.

So after the doctor, we ran in Walgreens to get the scrip filled. As we are waiting in line, Ben really turned on the charm for the rest of the people in line. He was smiling, doing the whole pretend shy thing. He was a celebrity! I had put him down and was letting him play with some hand baskets that were stacked up next to the pharmacy, and it was clear he was very aware of everyone watching him. He would move the handles around, and then look at everyone to make sure they were watching, and then flash them his sheepish little grin. They were all eating it up. It was really cute. A whole line of people who didn't even know each other were all talking to me, to Ben and to each other about Ben, and how cute he is. I guess he's just a little ray of sunshine that can bring everyone together. He's our little Superstah!

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Lea said...

He is such a cutie! I can see why they would be talking! By the way, isn't it funny the conversations you can get into with perfect strangers when you have a little one? :)