Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sleepy Pee Pee

Okay, so this is probably the most disgusting picture we have posted on our blog. But this story was just too funny not to share, not to mention we definitely needed to record this one for posterity! This morning at about 5:30 or so we heard Josh go into the bathroom, and then go back in his room. Nothing too out of the ordinary, actually we are stoked that he will go to the bathroom and put himself back to bed all by himself. Usually his path is lit by a night light, since the bathroom light is too bright for those little eyes just waking up. But this morning, there was no night light in the bathroom because the bulb burned out the other day. So instead of turning the light on, he just went potty in the dark. Apparently, he didn't notice that the toilet lid was down. We discovered this later in the morning. We were wondering why the house had a distinct aroma of urine, but hey, we've got two little kids and a dog, so it's not entirely uncommon to smell certain bodily fluids in our house, and everyone was dry, so whatever. After breakfast, Josh said something about there being something in his bathroom, and that he was going to go clean. He was playing with the broom at the time, so I thought that he was just making something up. After a minute or two I went to check on him, and found the large puddle on the toilet lid. Amazingly nothing had dripped onto the floor or anywhere else. I was a little impressed with that! So what have we learned today? (1) change the light bulb immediately!; and (2) leave the toilet lid up overnight in case Mr. Sleepy Pee Pee returns!


Grandma B said...

Cute and gross at the same time. Please don't let his friends see this one when he is 16.

OurCarsAndCops said...

thats soooo funny!! i didnt think it was gross at all...maybe because i deal with pee from little ones all the time.

Anonymous said...