Saturday, May 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are finally home from our 8 day vacation. What a time it was. I am still amazed at how well everything went. The only sad part is that we have lost two of our beloved stuffed animals on our trip. Joshua's Tigger ended up somewhere, but we're not sure where (maybe at Aunt Pam's which means there might be hope of getting it back!), and the monkey that Great Grandma gave him was accidentally left on the plane. I have called the airline to report it lost and am hoping that it turns up and is sent back to us. He's very sad to have it go missing.

When we landed at the airport, our friend Todd came to pick us up, and was nice enough to park and come in to meet us at baggage claim, giving us an extra set of hands to get everything out to the car. My friend Jen (Todd's wife) turned on the air conditioner in our house earlier in the day so that we didn't walk into a stuffy sauna. How nice is that!

When we got home, Ben was so happy to see all of his toys again. Especially after being cooped up in his car seat or the stroller all day long. He gave each of his toys some playtime, and was completely engrossed in self play all evening. It was so sweet to watch. It looked like he really missed all of his toys.

Tomorrow will be a day of grocery shopping, laundry and picking up the dog from my parent's house. Hopefully we'll find some time to just lay around too. We so enjoyed our vacation and hope it won't be another 7 years until we can do it again!

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Steve & Nancy said...

WOW Brenda! Good job blogging about your vacation. It sounds so wonderful! My girls would love the zoo and the jelly bean fun! I am sure you are glad to get back to a routine. It's fun to be away, but it's great to be back at home too! I've been to Chicago once when I was single, but didn't do nearly as much as you guys did...there's so much to do!