Sunday, May 03, 2009


Ben has officially reached the "Word Explosion." We couldn't even begin to guess at how many words he has, because he seems to be pretty much fluent in the English language, at least with the nouns. Every day he spouts off a new word or short phrase, and Andrew and I will just kind of look at each other and say "did you know he could say that?" He's also starting to understand ownership, such as "mine daddy", "mine backpack" and "Joshua backpack". It's hard not to think back to the polar opposite experience we had with the speech two years ago, and we are so thankful that Ben is such a communicator. There are very few guessing games with him. When he wants something, he just calls it out by name with a "sees" (translation: please) and "da-ku" (thank you). He still uses his few signs, but will say the words along with them. My favorite was the other night in the bathtub when he found a treasure chest with a missing lid. He held it up with genuine concern and said "Oh no!..... Break!" We just love it. It's a real pleasure talking with you, buddy!

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