Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day in Peoria

Mother's day happened to fall during our vacation, so I got to spend my mother's day having nothing but fun with my family in Peoria, IL. It was great. We awoke in our one bedroom suite (or should I call it a SWEET!) It was such a nice room, and so great to have separate bedrooms, and a full kitchen. Here are some photos of our digs...

After breakfast at the hotel, we headed out to the Peoria Zoo at Glen Oak Park. The boys had so much fun. Ben especially liked the mirkats.

After the zoo we went to play at Glen Oak Park. There was a huge playground, and it was so green and beautiful. I could have spent hours just walking through the woods. It was awesome.

After the park we headed down to the Peoria Riverfront for lunch at Old Chicago and to walk along the water. At the restaurant Joshua really wanted to play an old fashioned hunting video game, complete with shot guns. When we went over to look at it I saw that it cost $1 to play, which I thought was too much. Fortunately, Josh doesn't quite understand how to play video games anyway, he truly believed he was playing the game when he picked up the gun, so he was happy.

We then came back to the room so the boys could take a nap, and then headed back over to Aunt Connie and Uncle Bob's for a little more visiting. It was so great to be able to spend a little more time with them. We stopped for dinner, and of course milk shakes at Steak n Shake and headed back to the hotel.

That night I was getting Ben ready for bed, and we were rough housing a bit on the bed. He flipped over wierd and rolled his shoulder in an awkward way. He started crying and wouldn't raise his arm, so we were concerned that he had really hurt himself. We decided to put him to bed and see how he was in the morning. Thankfully, he awoke the next morning raising both arms to the sky for us to take him out of his crib, so thankfully, crisis averted!

Before leaving Peoria on Monday morning, we stopped to pay our respects to Andrew's grandparents who are burried on a beautiful hilly field. I never got the chance to meet his Grandma Carolyn, but I did have the honor of meeting his Grandpa, who was such a cool guy. I know he misses them tremendously, so it was nice to be able to stop there.

Although Peoria isn't usually a real vacation destination for most people, we really enjoyed our time there. Now, off to Milwaukee!

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