Monday, February 11, 2008

After Move the Dirt, Get a Swing Set!

Let the backyard saga continue! We are so excited! We got the boys a swing set for Christmas. We found a great deal on a buy-your-own lumber swing set kit, and now we are getting started. The first step was to remove the thorn in my side pile of dirt that has been taunting and irritating me for the last 6+ months. We had told Josh that as soon as we move the dirt, we’ll build his swing set. In a way he was sad to have to dirt go, because shoveling dirt was one of his favorite things to do, but he can’t wait to have his swing set. So one day while he was napping, we were able to get the dirt into a truck we had borrowed from a friend (thanks, Dave!). After his nap, he came out saying he was going to shovel dirt. When he saw the dirt was gone, he looked concerned and said “Where’d the dirt go?” When I told him Daddy was going to take it away, he thought about it for a minute, then his face lit up and he screamed “I get a swing set now!” We were a little surprised of his level of understanding of the whole thing. He’s a smart cookie!

We have now bought the lumber, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa B bringing out their truck (I’m thinking we need to get a truck!), and are diligently working on getting it stained and water sealed (which thankfully all comes together, so it’s just one step). We plan to build the swing set in about 2 weeks. We hope that this backyard project will be less of a headache than the other ones have been... but we’ve learned not to hold our breath on that one!

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