Friday, February 15, 2008

Ew The Flu!

For the last couple of days, we have all been sick around our house. Andrew and I have been fighting colds all week, and Ben had a low grade fever on Wednesday. But Josh by far takes the prize of Sicky. He has been sporting a high fever, between 102 and 103.7, for the last few days. I took him to the doctor this afternoon to make sure it wasn't an ear infection, or anything else that might require medication, and it turns out he has the flu. He got his flu shot in October, but apparently they didn't nail the correct strain of the virus, so there are lots of kids who have been vaccinated that are being diagnosed with the flu. Poor little guy. He is handling it like such a trooper. If you didn't know him, you probably wouldn't even know he was sick. But on Wednesday I knew there was something wrong with him, because he was melting down about everything on the car ride home from school, and it is so unlike him. When we got home, I took his temperature, even though he didn't really feel warm. Low and behold it was over 101. And it has just gone up from there. Children's Motion brings it down to about 100 for a few hours, but after that, it's right back up there. But, unfortunately, we just have to wait it out. Hopefully he'll get over it quickly so he can start feeling better. Until then, I guess it's hours and hours of Backyardigans!

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