Monday, February 11, 2008

I Spin and Sing!

Joshua is probably the funniest little dude ever. Life would certainly be much more dull without him around. His newest activity is to sing along with songs.... ANY song. Andrew typically has his iPod going in the car on the way into school, and Joshua has begun to sing along with a lot of the songs. We have made him his own play list on iTunes, and the list is growing seemingly daily. It is the cutest thing to see him in the back seat, just singing quietly to himself while he’s trying to teach himself the song. Then once he has it down, he will start belting it out at the top of his lungs. His favorite song of all time is “Mawmaw’s Song” by Bart Millard, or as Joshua calls it, “The By and By’s” (it’s a song about the hymn “In the Sweet By and By.” He has now taken to spinning with his arms outstretched while he sings when we play his songs at home. This is so precious to me, because when I was about 3 or 4, I would do the same exact thing. I love seeing little glimpses of myself or Andrew in our little guy. Joshua is definitely a music man. We can’t wait until he is old enough for piano lessons. Maybe we’ve got the next Billy Joel on our hands!

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