Saturday, February 23, 2008

Coolest Swing Set EVER!!!

Today was such an exciting (and exhausting) day! We finally built the swing set that we got the boys for Christmas. For the last two weeks, Andrew and I have been staining and water sealing the wood, and this morning Grandma and Grandpa B came out, and Andrew's friend Jeff came over and the guys spent about 10 hours in the backyard putting together what we think is the coolest swing set EVER! See for yourself!

When it is actually finished, it will have a slide, 2 swings, a captains wheel (like on a pirate ship) and a "cosmic communicator" aka 2 plastic flip phones connected by a tube. Think reinvented tin cans connected by a string. It is supposed to have a cargo net, but we decided to hold off on that for now... Josh is just 2 after all.

While the guys were working, Grandma B helped me take care of the boys, which was a tremendous help to me. It is difficult to keep Josh out of the way when there is a big project going on, and also take care of Ben at the same time. The extra pair of hands and eyes were definitely necessary today! Plus, it gave Grandma some quality time to spend with two of her favorite little boys. Thanks Grandma!

We are so excited to have such an awesome swing set for the boys to play on for years and years. The guys really worked so hard today, and I am very proud of them. This thing is going to last forever! So anyone who wants to come over and help us break it in is more than welcome. We think our boys are going to be the envy of the neighborhood!


Mr. & Mrs Polychrones said...

Yea! YOu finally have your backyard and your swing! I am coming over for a play date

Lea said...

That does look like an awesome swing set!!