Monday, March 30, 2009

A Gardening We Will Go

Now that the weather is nice, we have decided to designate one small corner of our backyard for a garden. Whether we are actually capable of growing anything edible is yet to be determined, but it seemed like something fun to do with Josh to teach him how fruits and veggies grow... because right now he thinks they come from the vegetable factory to the grocery store. My resident researcher, aka Andrew, looked up the best way to plant and found a very handy tool for Arizona growing. He discovered that the best thing to do is to make a planter box, which sounded right up his alley. He's always looking for reasons to get his power tools out and grunt accordingly. So after the box was built and in place, off to the Home Depot we go to pick out our plants. After much deliberation we decided on strawberries, "husky" cherry tomatoes and red and green bell peppers. Josh and Ben were great helpers spreading the soil around and digging holes for the plants, and Joshua has been meticulous about watering the garden every morning and then going outside every afternoon to see if anything new has grown.

Our garden is just over a week old, and everything is still alive, which is very exciting. We're starting to see new buds forming on the tomatoes and peppers, and some of our strawberries are getting pretty big. I hope that we will be able to taste the fruits of our labor sometime soon! Here are some pictures of our adventures in gardening!

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