Saturday, July 25, 2009


Ever since Josh's birthday, we have really been working with him on his letters in our attempt to get him started with reading. He is doing so awesome. He can identify about 23 uppercase letters, and about half of the lowercase letters. Plus, he can spell his first and last name out load without looking at anything, and he can even write it with minimal help. He's doing great and we are so proud of him. Once he can identify all of the letters, we will start working on the sounds that letters make. He already knows some of them, so he's got a good head start there. If we can keep him excited about it, we hope that he'll be reading to us before his next birthday!

Here is a photo of his name that he wrote in the dirt in Payson today. The only letter he got some help with was the "S". Other than that, it was all him. Pretty good, huh?

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