Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Official

There are NO MORE binkies in our house. Ben has climbed on and fallen off the binky wagon a few times, and his respiratory troubles didn't help matters (the bink kept him calm for his all too frequent breathing treatments). But since he has been flare up free for a while, we decided it was time to do away with it all together. On our trip Ben was using his binky almost constantly. So when we got home we had to reinstitute our sleepy-time only policy. Then one night about a month ago, Andrew decided to not give Ben the binky when he put him down for the night. There were no tears or tantrums over not getting his binky, so we just never gave it back to him. We still had some in drawers in random places, and on a couple occassions, Ben has found one. But when he found it he didn't put it in his mouth, but brought it over to us. We asked him if he wanted to throw it in the garbage, and he said yes and promptly carried it to the trash and dropped it in. Last night we officially rid our house of all binkies. Sweet liberation!

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