Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Questions, Questions, Questions

So many questions! Joshua has hit the question asking stage with full force. I guess his little inquiring mind just wants to know EVERYTHING!

"Where is that car going?"
"Why do you wear a necklace?"
"What does 'blessed sight' mean?"
"Why did you do that?"

I love that he is so interested in everything going on around him, and we try our best to honestly answer all of his questions, or try to get him to answer them by asking him "what do you think?" But sometimes we just need a break from the inquisition!

The constant questioning is even starting to rub off on Ben. In addition to wanting to know where everyone is at all times, he's now frequently asking "Daddy do?" when he wants to know what Daddy is doing. And you'd better have an answer for the boy, or else... "Daddy do? Daddy do? Daddy do? Daddy do?"

But I guess we should enjoy it while it lasts. One of these days they're going to think they know everything and won't be seeking answers from Mom and Dad. Or worse, they'll be seeking answers from their friends!

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