Thursday, July 30, 2009

Growing LIke Weeds

Our garden is growing like crazy. Check it out! Here it was on July 5th

And here it is today.

We've got about a bajillion male flowers going. None of them have opened yet, but a few are very close.

And yesterday I noticed 2 female flowers starting.

I'm hoping these girls make it to bloom. They are at the end of the vine, so they may not be getting enough nutrients. But I plan on hacking away at the vines this weekend to try to clear out some of the males (sorry guys!) and some of the vines to try to even the score a little... not to mention clear some room!

The butternut squash is also doing great. We've got all sorts of flowers going there too.

Hopefully in a couple months we'll have some beautiful squash and pumpkins to share! We'll see what happens!

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