Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 Year Checkup

I just realized I never posted Ben's "Stats" from his 2 year checkup! I made his appointment for last week when the kids were off of school anyway, and made it for one the of the days that I was home because, well, I'm a mommy and that's my thing! :) Taking both kids to the doctor is always an adventure, but thankfully our doctor's office usually gets us in and out without much waiting, so it's usually doable. Anyway, Ben (who got to use the big boy scale now!) weighed in at 25 lbs (25%) and 33 inches (25%). His head circumphrence was in the 75-90%, so he's totally proportionate, except for the noggin. He's just got his daddy's head, and I'm thankful I had a c-section! Ha! But he wouldn't be our Benny without that big ol' head. We just love it! The doctor said that, although they usually don't call it until 3 years old, since Ben has stayed right on the 25% in height for the last year, she said that's probably going to be where he's going to stay. So apparently we have one giant and one shorty. The doctor even looked at them both and commented about how totally differently they are built. Ben's short and meaty (but nowhere near chunky.. c'mon, he's only 25 lbs!) and Josh is tall, skinny and all leg. How fun to have a family variety!

As far as developmental milestones, he's hitting every one. The doctor was impressed at how well he is talking (that's what having a very articulate big brother will do for you) and that he is putting together up to 6 word sentences. He's eating with a fork and spoon, can run and jump, stack, do puzzles and is starting to show interest in the potty.

Ben is the picture of health, which is SO nice to be able to say about him. This was actually our first time with him in his pediatrician's office since the end of April so this summer has been awesome!

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