Tuesday, August 18, 2009

(Non)Pottytraining Update

We were home all week last week, and we were pretty diligent about staying on the potty training whenever we could. Ben's just not ready yet. He sat on the potty tons throughout the week, but didn't actually USE it again after the first day. We tried underpants and also tried running around naked. He loved doing both, and in fact, it became pretty difficult to even get a diaper on him. Whenever we tried he would yell "NAKED!!!" As I said before, it was never our intention to have him potty trained last week, and we're totally not discouraged because it pretty much turned out the way we expected. But he is definitely more interested in the potty than he was before last week, and is still frequently asking to sit on the potty. When he was running around naked, he would usually pee where he was standing, and immediately tell us that he had peed, so he's starting to make the connection. The rest will come when he's ready. I know better than to push it if he's not ready to do it. One of these days we will buy our last diaper, but until then keep your stock in Huggies!

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